Error code 0x80070005 during WinPE

Error message 0x80070005 is the most generic error code in SCCM world.
It is very important to investigate at which step the error message appears. Consider, before the Task Sequence can be found, during WinPE, while applying Windows, etc.


During WinPE startup, before the task sequence appears

Possible problem

Press F8 within WinPE
Then go to the following path:

Enter the following:

notepad smsts.log

Check the time and date in the bottom line of the log. If it does not match the current time and date, that may be the problem.

Possible solution

Press F8 within WinPE
Then enter the following command:


Press enter and enter the correct date in month/day/year format

winpe cmd smsts log date time enter the new time

Then enter the following command:


Press enter and type in the correct time in the format hour/minute/second.microsecond and press again enter.

winpe command prompt smstslog date time

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